Introducing Turmeric 02: The Ultimate Plant-Based ‘Golden Milk’

Adaptogenic. Potent. Pure. Meet your new daily wellness obsession.



2 APRIL 2019


Drawing on ancient Ayurvedic technology, Turmeric 02 is an intelligent blend of herbs and spices designed to increase your body’s absorption of the active anti-inflammatories and rejuvenating phytonutrients in every cup.

Supercharged with therapeutic-grade extracts of Curcumin, Piperine and the adaptogenic powers of Ashwagandha, this is the plant-based blend primed for your optimal wellness.




  • Supporting the healing of chronic disease by helping relieve the root cause of inflammation.
  • Stress management from a physical, emotional and energetic perspective.
  • A brain-boosting and vitality-lifting latte to replace your A.M. espresso.
  • A nighcap to help calm down the nervous system before bed.



Curcumin from turmeric can be just as, if not more effective than anti-inflammatory prescription drugs.

A study showing how curcumin was effective at reducing depression/anxiety by 50% in people with major depression compared to a placebo.

And another showing how curcumin is more effective than Prozac in treating depression.

The crystal structure of curcumin reveals how it impairs cancer.

The piperine included in our recipe has been shown to boost the bioavailability of curcumin by 2,000%.

Ashwagandha has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, a key stress-related hormone, by 26% on average.




Ancient Ayurvedic texts state that what is amrita (an immortalising potion) in the hands of the wise, is a poison in the hands of the ignorant.

With the highly-therapeutic herbs and strong concentration of our Turmeric 02 plant-based blend, we recommend a maximum of two doses daily.

Sipped with your personal intention for wellness for optimal effect.



Turmeric 02 is inspired by the traditional ‘golden milk’, or haldi doodh as it’s called in India, literally meaning ‘turmeric milk’. The Ayurvedic recipe consists of milk, ground turmeric and sometimes a bit of sugar. Taken in a small quantity as a tonic, rather than an indulgent beverage.

While curcumin is a powerful polyphenol with the potential to protect against a wide range of diseases, it isn’t so easily absorbed by our bodies – some estimates say we only receive 25% of its benefits by consumption. That’s why, in our Turmeric 02 recipe,  we utilise the magical catalyst of piperine – the active compound found in black pepper & long pepper – shown to increase your body’s potential to absorb curcumin’s amazing benefits by up to 2,000%.

The ultimate result is an intelligent reincarnation of haldi doodh – containing 10 superfoods and super-spices for a  vegan turmeric latte superior in all concentration, potency, therapeutic-value and taste to anything other on the market.



Pyō (兵)

Balances your Sacral Chakra and
Activates The Flow Of Energy Within & Outside of You

Turmeric 02 is encoded with intention using ‘Pyō’ mantras and mudras – the 2nd discipline of Shinto Buddhism’s philosophy of Kuji – to balance your sacral chakra and activate the flow of energy within and outside of you.

The sacral chakra is located two inches below the navel and is regarded as a reservoir for vital energy.


To help activate Turmeric’s reservoir of energy, mentally chant the below mantra
while sipping your latte:

“Divine energy flows through me and everything around me.”




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*The statements made about this product have not been evaluated by MHRA.This product is not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease nor medical condition.

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