It’s taken three years, countless variations and endless testing to perfect the art and magic of Kuji blends. Like any creation, it began with an idea that came knocking at our door. We opened, in disbelief that no one had done it before. The virgin batch of our plant cream was mixed up on our houseboat in Chelsea. It was divine, delicious and promising.

After that, all sorts of portents came tumbling across our path, leading us further down the trail. One of them was Michael. A plant alchemist with an intimate relationship to the botanicals he spoke of like old friends. His gift catapulted our recipes into otherworldly status. Next came our almond producer in Spain with his teeming passion for his centuries-old groves. The discovery of a Sri Lankan grower with the highest-grade King Coconuts we’d ever found. A fateful hook-up with a spice guru in India. And, the list goes on.

Rachael, a storyteller from Australia, arrived precisely when we needed her. She dropped out of the sky somewhere in Peru. Fortunately, Kashca was there to see her land. So, the Kuji family began to come alive - it’s been growing ever since. And now, we’re just glad we answered that knock at the door.

Kashca & Marcus x


Kashca Garwood Walker


Kashca’s something special. She’s got that gift that everyone wants: the ability to take a huge, complex, seemingly impossible vision and breathe it into existence. With grace, poise and verve, too.

A skill honed during her years working as a designer for fashion houses and as a freelancing costume designer. Brought up living off the land with a herbalist as a GP in the Malvern Hills, some of England’s most sacred and energetically active hills formed on volcanic rock, her reverence to nature is intrinsic. A respect that has led her in pursuit of experientially understanding its healing potential through the exploration of plant medicine, yogic studies, energy work and sound therapy. Wildly artistic and holistically-minded, Kashca is the one we look to when we need one of our crazy dreams turned into a reality.


Marcus Deller


Marcus is the one where dreams land. He’s always been the one cooking up otherworldly concoctions in the kitchen that no one seemed to be able to pull off but him. Kuji being no exception.

A broker in a past life with an extensive entrepreneurship background, his respect for the healing power of nature and a calling to elevate planetary consciousness through plants is what drew him down a different rabbit hole. A journey that led him to plant medicine, Kundalini yoga and, of course, the creation of Kuji. We like to think of Marcus nowadays as the ultimate arcanist. The keeper of Kuji’s greatest secrets: our grower’s black book, maker’s almanac, slow-processing techniques and original plant cream formulas. But what’s an arcanist’s choice of elixir? “Matcha,” he says, “If I had all the money I’ve spent on Matcha, I’d spend it on Matcha.”


Michael Isted


The epitome of a modern day plant alchemist. Michael is a globally-recognised herbalist, drinks specialist, trained Phytotherapist (BSc Hons) and Nutritionist.

He’s concocted creative beverage solutions for some of the world’s biggest luxury brands (think The Ritz Carlton, Missoni, Jimmy Choo and Harvey Nichols – to name just a few). But it’s his deep appreciation of the plant world’s vast therapeutic qualities and knowledge of how to most effectively harness their healing is what we find most impressive. A key element behind the genius of our formulas, Michael always knows exactly what tincture, extract or aromatic is required to get our recipes just right. It’s his perfectionism and knack for achieving the precise alchemical balance that makes a cup of Kuji not just a drink, but something magic.